About branded designs

“Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you. I’ve called your name. You’re mine.” Isaiah 43:1

B.R.A.N.D.E.D is a label designed to show ‘ownership’ and ‘belonging’. Just like a wedding ring shows that you ‘belong’ to someone you love, ‘Branded’ is a label that states ‘belonging’ to a ‘Kingdom’ that is not of this earth and a family that is large, accepting, kind and full of love. In the dictionary ‘branded’ means to be “marked with a branding iron to show ownership” OR “carrying the brand or trademark of a manufacturer”.

As Christians we are:
1.) ‘marked’ by the blood of Jesus and the free gift of salvation that gives us access to eternal life and an eternal kingdom family! Through Jesus we ‘belong to our maker and a eternal loving family’… we are ‘redeemed and called by name and we become the Lord’s. We are ‘owned’ by a Mighty and loving God!

2.) Through Jesus we carry the ‘trademark’ of our Creator, God. We are no longer ‘branded’ by the world or its ‘status quo’, we are ‘branded’ by Jesus! We are REDEEMED, MARKED, NAMED and BRANDED through Jesus Christ.

Krystle Svetlana Wright (Designer)

As a passionate creative, I wanted to design a brand that reflected kingdom identity and the message of God’s love. Too many t-shirt designs express messages of negativity, lust and things pertaining to a lack of identity… I wanted to create something that makes a statement - that we don’t belong to this world but to a ‘Kingdom’ that is much greater. A ‘Kingdom’ that gives us hope, identity, love, salvation and belonging. In other words, we belong to Jesus and we aren’t afraid to declare it! This is a brand we can wear to say we are ‘BRANDED’ by the King of Kings.

B.R.A.N.D.E.D is not only a name but also an acronym:
B - Born again
R - Rendered
A - Annointed
N - Named
D - Delivered
E - Enlightened
D - Destined

BRANDED Designs is a side project I designed as apart of my many creative passions to get the message of Jesus, love and justice out there. I'm a creative based in Melbourne, Australia, who also is a Web & Graphic Designer, a singer-songwriter and a missionary raising funds to move to San Francisco. You can find out more about my other passion projects at [krystlesvetlana.com]. It's my heart for missions that has inspired me to start this label. So if these designs inspire you - please help me get these designs out there!

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